STS Quarterly Issue 7: September 2019

Don't Sign for that Casket!

By Dave McComb and the Eagle’s Wings Air Team

You’ve heard of “you break it, you buy it.” Ever heard of, “we break it, you sign for it and pay to replace it while we deny responsibility?” By signing the forms to pick up human remains at the airport without carefully inspecting for any damage first, you might learn about it the hard way.

Imagine you’re at the airport to pick up human remains transported from another funeral home. You notice a dent in the exterior shipping container, but it doesn’t seem major. You’re in a hurry to get back so you sign the release form they hand you.

You load up the decedent and return to your funeral home. Once there, you inspect everything and discover that the casket inside is scratched and dented. You’re not going to try to hide the damage from a family, so it’s time to call the casket company to get a rush replacement.

Next, you call the airline to tell them they need to cover the cost of your replacement casket because they damaged your shipment.

“Sorry,” they tell you, “the form you signed clearly states you acknowledge that you received the remains and all related cargo in good condition. We’re not liable.”

If you see damage, don’t sign the paperwork! Read the fine print, take photos, and document the time, date and condition of all items in your shipment. Once you’ve signed the papers and left, you face an uphill climb to claw back any compensation for damages.

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