Guidelines for Trade Embalming

  • The transferring member shall receive call from the receiving member.
  • The transferring member shall transfer deceased to its firm from place of death in a mutually agreed-upon, professional manner.
  • The receiving member will provide the transferring member with a mutually agreed-upon authorization for embalming.
  • The transferring member will embalm the deceased following Selected’s Guidelines When Transferring Human Remains.
  • A detailed embalming report will accompany deceased.
  • The transferring member will file local documents and forms as required by law with information provided by the receiving member. Unless other arrangements have been specified, obituary notices are the responsibility of the receiving member or the family.
  • It is understood by the receiving member that any work necessary or requested beyond the items listed above may be at an additional charge. The receiving member should be notified promptly of any changes.