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Pet Cremation Memorial Card Sample (interior & exterior) - Courtesy of Best Friends Pet Cremations Services

Time to Grieve or Time to Celebrate: What Should Funerals Be? - Bill Hoy, Michael Schoedinger

Cultural Perspectives - A blog from offering unique articles about death traditions from other cultures  

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Post-death Checklist - Courtesy of O'Connor Mortuary

Post-death Checklist - Courtesy of Lowe Funeral Home

Post-death Checklist - Courtesy of Langeland-Sterenberg Funeral Homes

alternate textLouis Charbonnet
alternate textDoug Gober
alternate textDr. Bill Hoy

“It’s All About the Experience!”
Dr. Bill Hoy outlines the great value funeral service has followed by Doug Gober and Louis Charbonnet facilitating a Jazz funeral experience.

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