Human Resources & Staffing Toolkit

Disclaimer: Employment laws vary significantly by state. Firms should consult their local attorneys before adopting an employee handbook.

Employment Opportunities Center

Employee Handbook Sample - Courtesy of Herman Meyer & Son, Inc.  

Employee Handbook Sample - Courtesy of Locke Funeral Homes. 

Employee Handbook Sample - Blank Template. 

Employer Guides for Funeral Homes

Employee Forms & Policies - Courtesy of Federated Insurance

Performance Evaluation Form - Courtesy of Alderson-Ford Funeral Homes

Job Interview Questions - Courtesy of RGL Consultants 

Handling Employee Tardiness - Courtesy of Federated Insurance

Employee Screening Trends & Pitfalls-Courtesy of  Federated Insurance 

Safe Winter Driving -Courtesy of  Federated Insurance

Sample Dress Code Powerpoint - Courtesy of Baue Funeral Homes

Sample Dress and Appearance Document - Courtesy of Baue Funeral Homes

Cell Phone Usage Policy - Courtesy of Bliley's Funeral Homes

Smart Phone Policy - Courtesy of Glenn Funeral Services

Social Media Policy - Courtesy of Bliley's Funeral Homes

Creating a Championship Mindset for Your Staff Team-Courtesy of Dr. Gregory Dale

Blueprint for Staffing Rotation Schedule - Courtesy of Mothe Funeral Homes  

Risk Management

  • Fair Labor Standards Act - Proposed Changes
  • Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

  • Human Resources Best Practice

    Annual Meeting Audio Recordings, Slides & Handouts

    alternate textRon Culberson

    “Do It Well. Make It Fun.” - Keynote Address by Ron Culberson
    Life is complicated. Funeral professionals know death is too. However, what if greater success in your career and life were only two steps away? Would you take those steps? Ron Culberson hopes you will. He believes the key to success in life, death and almost everything in between is as simple as:

    1. Do It Well
    2. Make It Fun.

    Audio   download

  • Handout

  • alternate textSimon T. Bailey

    “Own the Moment” - Keynote Address by Simon T. Bailey
    The reality is that anyone and anything that has made an impact or left an indelible imprint refused to settle for the status quo. Simon T. Bailey is a leadership catalyst whose expertise equips emerging leaders with tips, tool and techniques on how to unleash potential in the world’s most important asset—people.

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  • Handout

  • Slides

  • alternate textChristie Whitaker, MSW, CFSP
    alternate textJay Carmon

    "Building a Healthy Life When Surrounded by Death"
    Jay Carmon, Carmon Community Funeral Homes, shares his story of serving 11 of the 20 children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings. Christie Whitaker, MSW, CFSP, offers insight into how funeral professionals can better handle the daily stress of serving the dead and their survivors.

    Audio   download

  • Slides

  • alternate textCarl Phillips

    “Defining YOUR Customer Service”
    Carl Phillips with Customer 1st defines what service is to us as individuals and then translates that to the experience of those you serve. He leads you through the key moments of truth (a point in which you come in contact with the client family) and define the WOW moments at each step.

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  • Slides

  • Eight Essential Elements of Human Synergy - Robyn Benincasa presentation handout

    The Funeral Profession Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Douglas Gober presentation visuals

    Expanding Your Firm's Human Capital Toolbox - Daren Forbes

    Ignite the Instinctive Leader Within - Marguerite Ham