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Running a Family Business
Slides from European Group Meeting
Presenter Juliette Johnson

Funeral Plan Regulation
Slides from European Group Meeting
Presenter Chris Clark of Ecclesiastical Planning Services

Forecasting, Critical Drivers and KPIs
PowerPoint courtesy of Johnson Consulting Group

Could There be a Disaster in Your Future?
Document courtesy of Federated Insurance

Cremation Unit Fire Prevention Checklist
Document courtesy of Federated Insurance

Embalming Report Form
Document courtesy of The Dodge Company

alternate textBill McReavy
alternate textLance Larkin

“Funeral Homes/Cemetery Combo Firms Special Session”
Based on requests from members, this new session was created specifically for those currently managing combo locations or for those contemplating the development or purchase of a cemetery. Selected members Bill McReavy, Washburn-McReavy Funeral Chapel, MN and Lance Larkin, Larkin Mortuary, UT, shared what they are doing to market, promote, manage and grow their combo locations.

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  • Lance Larkin

  • Bill McReavy

  • alternate textStephen Dil
    "High Cremation Rate and High Funeral Service Rate: It’s Not a Paradox!”"
    Pacific Group Selected member Stephen Dil, Dil’s Funeral Services, Ltd., facilitates this session that highlights how funeral professionals in New Zealand and Australia have maintained a high service rate despite a very high cremation rate.
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  • Slides 

  • alternate textDonna Hover

    "Catalyst for Growth: Getting from Vision to Execution" by Donna Hover
    Every CEO has a vision for his or her company; that is the easy part! Few companies ever fail because there wasn't a vision; they fail because they can't execute the vision and get concrete business results. Donna Hover focuses on three key elements for every CEO and executive team.

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  • Slides

  • "Meeting Agenda" Handout

  • "Catalyst Formula" Handout

  • Building Your Firm's Future - Charles Billow presentation visuals
    Building Your Firm's Future - Dale Clock presentation visuals
    Building Your Firm's Future - Douglas Gober presentation visuals
    Building Your Firm's Future - Gary Maassen and Tim Wingen presentation visuals
    Harnessing the Power of Data for Funeral Home Leaders - Dr. Cordt Kassner and John Horan presentation visuals
    Hospice Considerations - John Horan handout

    Cremation Strategies - Brad Hansen
    Cremation Strategies - Donald Miller
    Cremation Strategies - Iain Steel
    Putting Numbers to Work for You - John Schmitz
    Selected’s Sample Financial Tool - as demonstrated in Putting Numbers to Work for You