Coping with Loss

If you recently have lost someone in your life, this may be the first time that the word grief has become personal; no longer is death something that happens to other people in other places. The multitude of experiences resulting from this overwhelming loss—emotional, physical, social, spiritual and cognitive—comprise what we call "grief."

Experienced by people of each generation, in all cultures, and from every walk of life, grief is a universal experience. Most simply, grief is the process of learning to adjust life after a significant loss. That term, "adjust life" might seem odd, but remember grief is all about learning to live in new ways. We don't really "recover" from grief or "get over it." Instead, we learn to manage life in a radically changed world.

You can use the resources in this section to find more information on ways to cope with your loss. You also can connect with others who are grieving and hear from experts by exploring The Why We Gather Community. In addition, your nearest member of Selected Independent Funeral Homes can provide additional helpful information and trusted guidance. Use our Member Search to find a reliable source for informative literature and answers to your questions.


Video: Grief is a Natural Response to any Loss

The pages in the Coping With Loss section of this website were written by William G. Hoy, DMin, FT, director of Texas-based Grief Connect, a Center for bereavement education. As an educator, author and counselor, he has walked alongside grieving people for more than 25 years. In addition to presenting more than 70 invited lectures each year to groups of caregiving professionals across the United States and Canada, Dr. Hoy teaches in the Medical Humanities Program, College of Arts and Sciences at Baylor University.