Management Comparative Program Analysis Highlights

Each year, firms that complete the Management Comparative Survey receive their own report with the firm's information alongside a comparison to other Selected firms with similar case volume, geographic location and population density. In addition, Selected releases highlights from the total analysis of all firms' data. Below is a summary of past years' analysis.

2019 Analysis of the 2018 Fiscal Year

  • At-need burials comprised 42.2% of total cases, down again from last year. The cremation rate on average is up 1.8%, continuing a multi-year rise.

  • For families choosing burial, full service was far and away the most common with 83% of families having full services. Another 13% chose partial services, commonly called “graveside” services. Direct burials were a mere 3.5% of burial volume.

  • Among families choosing cremation, direct cremation was chosen most often at 49%. Cremations with some services but without visitation made up 36% of all cremations. Cases with “full service” where the family held a visitation along with cremation accounted for only 14% of cremations.

  • Median revenue per case actually climbed in fiscal 2018 to $6,375, up from $5,809 the year prior. Expenses per case took a jump forward at a median of $5,516 compared to $5,040 the previous year.