Testimonials From People Selected Members Have Served

"I was honoured as a younger member to be able to share a table at lunch with such highly experienced and knowledgeable business owners as the Rose, Craven, Stephens and van Vuure families. This type of opportunity does not come around very often and is a part of Selected which I really enjoy. The experience I gained from our lunchtime discussions would cost me a fortune in consultancy fees."

—Nick Douch, Wimborne, Dorset, England
Served by member firm F C Douch & Son

"Selected is made up of funeral directors who constantly strive to be better than they are, and when you can associate with those kinds of people, you can only become better yourself. Selected has a fine old tradition, but it also has a contemporary mindset and a realistic appraisal of what independent funeral service is about today. There is a concerted effort to assess how we can adapt to meet the needs of families and continue to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace."

—Glenn P. Taylor, Owensboro, KY
Served by member firm Glenn Funeral Home and Crematory

"I believe that the content and character of our membership make Selected the most relevant to our profession. The network of individuals, educational programming and advances in member services provide the best opportunity to improve the quality of a firm’s offerings with a distinct competitive advantage. As a member, it is obvious that I have learned from large and small firms alike which makes Selected Independent Funeral Homes compelling to any size service provider."

—Thomas A. Broussard, Beaumont, TX
Served by member firm Broussard's Mortuary

"I had a conversation with a new member who attended a recent Annual Meeting. He has been very active in other funeral service organizations and certainly aware of educational opportunities. He told me that, in his career, he had never been involved with a more passionately engaged group of funeral directors nor had he been involved with as high a quality of programming as he experienced at that meeting."

—Glenn P. Taylor, Owensboro, KY
Served by member firm Glenn Funeral Home and Crematory

"The first thing that comes to mind to me about Selected is the people who are involved… the friends and contacts you get to meet. That really is the difference for me between Selected and other funeral organizations. Selected is a dynamic association that is moving forward and setting the pace for independent funeral service."

—Todd Lumbard, Regina, SK
Served by member firm Speers Funeral Chapel, Inc.

"One of my staff members participated in a Selected Connections program, and he came back just raving about the opportunity. Because he had all this material he brought back with him, he was able to share what he learned with our entire staff."

—Todd Lumbard, Regina, SK
Served by member firm Speers Funeral Chapel, Inc.

"The networking you gain through Selected is an invaluable opportunity for a funeral home. It’s hard to explain it to people who are not members of an organization like this and maybe don’t understand the benefit. Selected’s policy of membership by invitation only ensures that you are going to get the best possible members who have like-minded ideas about funeral service."

—Richard C. Andrews Jr., Wilmington, NC
Served by member firm Andrews Mortuary, Inc.

"I think our biggest benefit of membership is the direct interchange with other independent owners."

—Patricia Ralph, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Served by member firm T.M. Ralph Plantation Funeral Home

"I don't think there is any other venue like this fine organization where you have the freedom and a safe environment to openly express your needs and concerns. Where Selected has the advantage is that it is looking for good, qualified members—those who are wanting to provide the best service to their families."

—Porter Loring III, San Antonio, TX
Served by member firm Porter Loring Mortuary

"Any time you can present to families and to the public what you stand for in terms of good practices and ethics is going to be a very positive reflection on your funeral home. That’s what makes Selected’s Code of Good Practice so important."

—Daniel Densow, Appleton, WI
Served by member firm Wichmann-Fargo Funeral Homes

"Things have changed over the years, and with that, the Selected is changing. The association really listens to what the members want."

—Carol Giovannini, San Francisco, CA
Served by member firm

"Selected's meeting programming is driven by the members, making the programs current and providing exactly what we need to help us run our businesses and understand issues that we need to know."

—Paul St. Pierre, Kokomo, IN
Served by member firm

"I find I can directly apply the things I learn at Selected Meetings to the scope of my business. I come home with substance and things I am actually going to use and implement."

—Jennifer Eroh, Kittanning, PA
Served by member firm Bauer Funeral Homes and Cremation Services, Inc.