COVID-19 Member Resources

Selected is committed to helping our members through these challenging times. This resource page continues to grow as we collect materials from organizations and members share samples of materials they are using in their communities.

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Categories of Information on this Page:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Updates

Note: We will continue to add updates here on PPE sources that are shared through various channels. We cannot guarantee sources and availability but are simply passing on information provided.

Small Business Relief & COVID-19 Impact


  • Annual Remembrances Service During Social Distancing eBook (Courtesy of Funeral Innovations) Funeral Innovations recently released an eBook highlighting ways to hold annual remembrance services while social distancing. Remembrance services during a pandemic may need to look a little different. Start planning now to keep this valuable tradition going this winter in your community.
  • Five Ways to Promote Reopening as Social Distancing Eases (Courtesy of Funeral Innovations)
  • WHITE PAPER: State of American Business & COVID 19 — Challenges, Opportunities & Solutions Outlines the six areas most challenging to business today, interviews with top CEOs and the innovative solutions they are putting into place. (Courtesy of Meridith Elliott Powell)
  • Group 1 Virtual Roundtable Recording — Group 1 members participated to review their COVID-19 experiences. Matthew Fiorillo of Ballard-Durand Funeral & Cremation of White Plains, NY shared his firm's story. Patrick Kearns of Leo F. Kearns Funeral Home in Richmond Hill, NY also contributed to the discussion. Fellow Selected members asked question and shared their unique perspectives on the pandemic plus covered some additional topics.

Public Health, Prevention and Safety

Embalming & Preparation Guidelines

Public Health & Safety Marketing Tools

Risk Management


Inspiration, Wellness & Self-Care During Crisis

Courtesy of Dr. Alan Wolfelt — Center of Loss and Life Transition:

Courtesy of Davana Pilczuk, PhD — The Human Performance Group LLC:

Resources to Share with Families

Courtesy of Dr. Alan Wolfelt — Center of Loss and Life Transition:

Recorded Webinars and Podcasts