COVID-19 Member Resources

Selected is committed to helping our members through these challenging times. This resource page continues to grow as we collect materials from organizations and members share samples of materials they are using in their communities.

Don't forget to post your questions on The Forum and to share supply needs and surpluses, tips and ideas in the Member Sharing Center.

We will continue to add resources here as they become available.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Updates

Note: We will continue to add updates here on PPE sources that are shared through various channels. We cannot guarantee sources and availability but are simply passing on information provided.

  • All N95s in existing stock and those being manufactured now are sent to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • FEMA allocates supplies to each state's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) based on need
  • Each EOC manages requests from entities within its respective state — including death care professionals

To place a request for N95s, you'll need to contact your state's EOC. Click here to access the EOC for your state.

Small Business Relief

Public Health, Prevention and Safety

Public Health & Safety Marketing Tools

Risk Management


Inspiration During Crisis

Resources to Share with Families