Learning Opportunities

Without question, the greatest benefit we can offer to our members is our members themselves. Each year, Selected organizes numerous meeting opportunities throughout the year.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting offers something for everyone, from informative educational sessions and members-only advisory sessions to social gatherings and free time to explore. It is a time to learn and to develop and rekindle lifelong friendships as only Selected can provide!

Group Roundtable Meetings

Group Roundtable Meetings are one-day sessions organized by grassroots member volunteers that give members a chance to discuss issues unique to their locality and network with professionals in their area.

NextGen Seminar

The NextGen Seminar is geared toward younger funeral professionals as well as those new to the profession. The seminar allows for ample free time to develop friendships and trusted contacts in addition to structured educational sessions.

European and Pacific Group Meetings

European and Pacific Group Meetings give overseas members a chance to connect. They also provide a valuable opportunity for North American members to attend and learn from professionals in another part of the world.

Selected Connections

Selected Connections programs are planned and hosted by a Selected member firm and/or Selected Preferred Partners that opens its doors to other members in order to highlight best practices and lessons learned. These members-only, unique, hands-on programs highlight the camaraderie and trust shared by Selected members.

Event Calendar

To find specific dates for Selected's scheduled events, click here to check out the Event Calendar.

Want to learn more?

Want to experience it for yourself? To participate in a meeting, contact us at info@selectedfuneralhomes.org or 800-323-4219.