Membership Tier: Premium

Premium Membership (North American Firms): This level includes full membership benefits plus an exclusive territory surrounding each of your main (and branch) locations. To enjoy the benefits of this membership level, members pay an annual $3,000 fee plus standard dues based on call volume.

Territory Designation


Major Metropolitan
(population 500,000+)

2 miles

(population 300,000-500,000)

5 miles

(population 15,000-299,999)

10 miles

(population 1-14,999)

15 miles


*Please contact Headquarters, or call 224-619-3618 to obtain Territory information for all of your locations.

**Radius determinations are based on a measurement tool which calculates distance from member locations listed in Selected’s database. This tool serves as the final arbiter in any distance inquiry. Any radius disputes, by any party, must be raised before a prospective member is admitted.