Gathering at the Annual Meeting provides another opportunity for members of specific communities to meet, learn, share and build a network of connections based on specific interests. Selected is excited to offer the following opportunities to members participating in person at the Annual Meeting in San Antonio.

Funeral Home + Cemetery Management

Selected supports members operating or managing combo firms and those contemplating the development or purchase of a cemetery.

Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery Tour

Located in San Antonio, TX, Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery was originally a post cemetery established in 1924 but is now one of 155 national cemeteries under the Department of Veterans Affairs. Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery was established in 1937 and consists of 208 developed acres as the resting place for more than 165,000 veterans and eligible dependents. The complex operation provides interment, on average, to 4,200 veterans and eligible dependents each year making it the eighth busiest national cemetery based on annual interment rate. Fourteen Medal of Honor recipients are interred on the hallowed grounds

Join us for lunch on Friday, September 24 and be sure to register for the Fort Sam National Cemetery Tour later that afternoon.

Thanks to the Funeral Home + Cemetery Management Community Partner Roosevelt Investments


Being a first-generation funeral home owner sets you apart from the traditional family run firm. You have unique challenges and a different background than most multi-generational owners. Selected recognizes these differences and is committed to providing first-generation owners with a chance to connect, share and learn from each other in a supportive way.

Please join us on Thursday, September 23 for lunch and an engaging discussion with peers, bouncing ideas off of each other and sharing experiences.

Thanks to the FirstGen Community Partner Full Circle Aftercare


Selected’s NextGen Community provides up-and-coming leaders the opportunity to share, inspire and motivate one another while forging lifelong relationships with their counterparts throughout the world.

Please join us on Thursday September 23 for lunch and to discuss an after-hours social event that will be organized with input from participants and coordinated by the NextGen Advisory Group representatives.

Thanks to the NextGen Community Partner Kelco

Women in Funeral Service

The percentage of women graduating from mortuary science school has surpassed those of their male counterparts. And more women are emerging as owners and leaders in the profession. Selected supports women in funeral service by providing opportunities to connect with and learn from one another in various settings.

Explore options for mentoring and future activities for this community during our networking coffee on Saturday, September 25.

Growth Community Meet Up

Growth and acquisition are topics that continue to be of a high importance to Selected members. Join Selected’s General Counsel Sarah Pojanowski as she facilitates this informal opportunity to connect with colleagues who also are interested in these areas, as well as explore ways to access additional valuable information and relevant resources.

Join us along with Johnson Consulting Group on Thursday, September 23 for a cocktail reception to answer questions and learn more.

This reception is brought to you in part by the generous support of Johnson Consulting Group.

Have you found your community yet or have ideas for an emerging community?

Interested in becoming a community leader? Email Patty Neuswanger, Member Engagement Director.